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Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners

The Challenge

Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners, Ltd. is a community non-profit organization that was founded by local citizens who were fed up with the college rentals destroying their neighborhood. Without a website, the organization was encountering difficulty getting its message out and increasing its membership numbers.

The Solution

On a shoestring budget, we developed a very simple WordPress site where visitors can easily view all archived videos, sign up for newsletters and learn what the organization is all about.

We Started with Nothing

We Designed the Site from the Ground Up

We Did it All in Thirty Days


Organzation Branding


Website Design

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Membership Increased by 50%

Mobile Friendly

The site is responsive and looks great on any device, from smartphones to PCs and everything in between.

Easy to Update

Stony Brook Concerned Homeowners is 100% volunteer powered. Members are busy with full time jobs. At the same time, since it’s largely a news site, it’s important that the site is updated regularly. Balancing these two conflicting requirements was challenging. Nevertheless, GreenGeyser rose to the task. The site can be easily updated by non-technical users.


Analytics allows organization leaders to monitor and measure the effectiveness of email blasts.

  • Mobile Visits 100%
  • Website Traffic 100%
  • Email Subscribers 60%

The Results Were Amazing

SBCH’s website has allowed it to effectively communicate its message to members and the public alike. As a result of increased awareness, membership numbers continue to climb. By every metric, the site has been a resounding success.

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